How to plan an efficient leafleting distribution


Finally, you came to the point that distributing leaflets could help your business to grow. Then, you will need to design, print, and distribute the flyers. You need to prepare this whole process, wisely. It’s all about timing. In this article, we explain how to plan an efficient leafleting distribution.

B2C: why door-to-door leaflet distribution is so effective

door-to-door leaflet distribution

Marketing In 2019, we could think the best outreach marketing is online. Everybody has a smartphone with Internet data, movies music, games, apps etc. It would be easy to think that online marketing is the best way to reach targets. Nevertheless, GDPR law has revealed advertisers use cookies which track web users behaviour. Nowadays, most […]

Should you get a co-founder?

get a co-founder

Should you get a co-founder? Alex Laribi – Founder of Generate Awareness 4 good reasons to get a co-founder(s) 1) With a co-founder, you can do more work than on your own We can’t ignore the fact that a team of co-founders will have higher productivity than a single owner; it’s more evident when each […]

Why a degree is becoming worthless

degree worthless

Marketing Parenting culture taught us to get a degree, and we’ll get a good job. Is it still true in 2020? What about the future? More and more ever-starker facts show us a degree is becoming worthless. But don’t blame them they just wanted a bright a future for us. A majority of students target […]

5 ways to get more professional experience

get more professional experience

Let’s face it. In this competitive world, professional experience is often the feature of a candidate, or even of a company that will make all the difference. For this reason, it’s important to know how to get more professional experience.