Firstly, advertising extra curricular activities is a little bit different than advertising for common niches. In this article, I will share my personal experience on how to promote extracurricular activities such as tennis school or football club.

First step: promote extracurricular activities by listing the schools and playgrounds nearby

Firstly, just a quick reminder, marketing is all about knowing who are your targets, where, and how you can reach them. In this case, we promote extracurricular activities. Consequently, the targets are children, but the parents are the decision-makers. As a result, the following question to ask is :”Where can I reach the parents?”. It is possible to reach them to their homes, but it’s too wide and not targeted. The best way would be to reach them somewhere they have to go. As a result, targeting schools make sense, especially during the pick-up time. Furthermore, playgrounds are a good alternative, especially during the weekend or after-school.

Second Step: Design and print out flyers, and posters

To promote extracurricular activities, it will be a lot easier to reach the parents in a local area with leaflets rather than online. For this reason, having leaflets and posters would be a safe bet for advertising your extracurricular activities club. Depending the extracurricular activity you are promoting, design will be important, but clear headlines would be more important. In fact, the easier your message on the flyer is, the more likely it will be understood. In this case, I would add that using easy words understood by an 11-year-old student would be even better. Why? By experience, if you are living in a big city such as London, it’s very likely that the parents or the nannies are not English Native speakers. As a result, if you use technical terms in the headlines of your flyer, your target might find difficult to understand the message that you want to convey. In the same way, content written with words very easy to understand, ranks better in search engines. Why? Because more people are willing to read the content, and it increases the chances to go back to this page or to share the content on social media. To conclude, try to make the flyer or the poster easy to understand.

Third Step: Hire a talkative leaflet distributor who is not afraid to approach random people

To clarify, hanging posters or flyers inside schools or in the posts of the street can work. However, handing out flyers and chatting with the parents will give more insights. This method enables to state the interest of the parents by interacting directly with them. But firstly, let me explain how this process works.

Schools pick-up time

To begin with, the best would be to arrive 10 minutes before for the pick-up time. Because there are always parents waiting. During this moment, the leaflet distributor can approach the parents. It’s very easy, just he has to say something as ” Hi there, sorry to disturb you, I’m just promoting a Football Club for children, if you could be interested in.”, then he tends the flyer towards the parent, and he keeps up by saying ” you can have a look on it”. Then, the parent will express his interest or not. If interested, the parents keep up the the interaction ongoing by asking questions, which is a good sign. Then, he can approach the following parents. As well, schools will let the leaflet distributor doing his job because it’s about extracurricular activities for children.

When the pick-up time begins, approaching parents one-by-one will not be effective, anymore. Parents will not be willing to talk as before the pick-up time because they will be on their way to home or somewhere else. In this case, it’s better to have the same approach as a hand-to-hand leaflet distribution, to say the headline in two or three words when the parent passes, and handing out the flyer towards them. Then, when the peak up time is finished, it’s possible to keep up this way of promotion by targeting adults with children going to nurseries.


Alternatively, playgrounds are very good opportunities to approach parents. First of all, they are not rushing to their destination as during commuting time. As a result, they are more opened to talk. Secondly, there is no other place where you can find more children than in playgrounds. Consequently, the process is almost similar to approaching parents in schools. The leaflet distributor approaches the parents one-by-one, and he explains about the extracurricular activity. He can use the same approach that he used in the the previous paragraph. He can approach the parents on the benches, or those close to the attraction such as slides, swings, sandboxes ,etc. However, it’s always good to approach in an intelligent manner. For instance, if a mother is shouting to her child, it might be better to wait 5 or 10 minutes. Meanwhile, it’s possible to approach another parent and to come back to this one later. To conclude, playgrounds are the best playground to reach parents for promoting extracurricular activities.

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