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Brand Ambassadors Jobs

Generate Awareness recruits only experienced promotional staff, because we think that if you have been trusted by the well-established promo agencies of London, you have qualities and potential. However, working with us implies to give your best during the shifts. We’re a fast-growing offline marketing company, and in order to keep our current clients happy, we propose decent wages for our promotional workers, and incentives when possible.

Working around your availabilities

The main advantage about working with Generate Awareness is you can work around your schedule. When we have a shift coming up, we text you letting you know about the forthcoming shift. Then, text us back if the shifts are convenient for you. We might ask you to come in our office for a briefing, and training if needed. Or, you can go directly to the shift location. If ever, the location and the working hours aren’t convenient, it’s absolutely fine, we will contact you for the next upcoming shifts.

Hand-to-hand distribution

"Our jobs always pay £10/h minimum, no hidden fees, no Minimum Wage"

Our jobs are easy and flexible. In most of the cases, it will be handing out flyers near tube stations, schools, malls. Leaflet distribution is a good source of income for the right people. If you are hard-working, reliable, honest, and ambitious, we want to hear from you. We will not offer jobs to people always arriving late, caught fiddling their phones for over 5 minutes, and trashing the leaflets. We don’t mind if you keep talking with your teammate, as long as you keep eye contact towards the passers and keeping handing them out the flyers. As well, we won’t blame you, if ever, you have leaflets left, as long as you give your best. We will know it because we and our clients will check on you. We have done thousands of leafleting shifts, before. As a result, we know what are the returns, and what is realistic. Before applying, please bear that you will need to share your Live Location, through one of our apps in which the Location cannot be faked.