marketing a new restaurant

Marketing a new restaurant is crucial for starting well the run of the business. In fact, it’s very important to make the first opening days a success. It’s very important because it will bring you confidence, optimism, serenity, and you will start getting your Return-Of-Investment in the best manner. However, marketing a new restaurant is different than marketing a running restaurant. Furthermore, most of the articles available on the web are focused on the day-to-day marketing but not on the marketing related to the opening days. For this reason, I will show you why door drops are crucial for marketing a new restaurant.

1) Your local prospects are not aware about your restaurant

To begin with, I mention local clientele. In most of the cases, the regular customers leave nearby the restaurant or work nearby. For this reason, you need to have raise awareness to your prospects living within your catchment area.

Having a website is crucial but you are just opening you may not get enough visits. As well, if your website generates visits through social media marketing, it will not be effective. It won’t be effective because social media marketing is not locally targeted.

What about Search Engine Optimization? You can invest in SEO Local especially, but SEO is working in the long run. It takes time to rank well on Google a new website and a new business.

However, SEO and social media marketing will be crucial for your marketing strategy, later. To put it bluntly, both will have very few effects on marketing a new restaurant.

Alright, what about AdWords? It’s a good way of advertising (my favourite, to be fair) because you can target locally. But the advertising message is limited with words. As a result, you need to create a compelling advert, and you need to take account about the cost. Depending on the competition, cost-per-click can vary from $1 to $4.

Nevertheless, despite the popularity and effectiveness of Google, not everybody will use the search engine to go out for eating.

In fact, door drops is one of the best way to generate visits during the opening days of a new restaurant. Why? Because this action is locally targeted and it reaches out people in your catchment area. People living in your catchment area will be aware of the opening of your new restaurant.

They would be aware by receiving a leaflet menu into their letter boxes that they can read quietly at home without being disturbed.

2) It’s the best moment for marketing your menu to local people

In fact, presenting the menu is one of the main advantages of door to door leaflet distribution for restaurants. Furthermore, in most of the cases, people read the advertising mail that they receive at home. Look at the figures down below:

Door drops response rates

Consequently, opting for door drops as a way of marketing a new restaurant is a safe bet. Moreover, it is the best and safest way to have most of people living nearby your catchment area to read your menu.

As a result, if if your local people have already the menu under their hands, it’s a good sign for you of having your first orders already in their minds.

3) You need to optimize your chances to get visits during the opening days

In other word, if you want to start to generate incomes, you need to get as many visits and sales. And, making a lot of sales from the first day will be helpful. Furthermore, the more visits and sales you’ve had during the first days, the more likely, you will get returning customers.

For instance, if you had only 5 guests during your first opening day, how likely you will get returning customers?

As well, the more guests you have during the first day, the more opportunities you will have to invite them to try your menu. As a result, if customers like it, you can be sure that they will be back.

More importantly, if you don’t start to make sales during the first days, instead of earning money you will start to lose money.

To put it bluntly, running a restaurant it’s not like running an online business. As a result, if you don’t generate sales, the consequences can be severe.

If the bills are not on the table of your customers, the bills related to your costs will.

For this reason, it’s vital to have people living in your catchment area aware of your new opening restaurant

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