The information mentioned in this post are susceptible to be amended regarding the evolving situation on the Covid-19 pandemic.

During this difficult time, we are all facing an unimaginable situation. The worldwide Covid-19 pandemic has affected our families, friends, colleagues, businesses, and our ways of life.

As you are aware the current situation concerning the Covid 19 pandemic is changing every day and as a responsible business Generate Awareness has been constantly evaluating the operations to ensure that the Health & Safety and well-being of all our team, audience, clients, and suppliers is our number one priority.

Following the measures brought in 20 March, we have decided that all hand-to-hand and business-to-business flyer distribution will be cancelled from this date. As a result, our hand-to-hand and B2B distribution services are suspended until further notice. Furthermore, it’s very likely those methods of advertising will not be available until the next year.

During this period, we have assessed the situation by observing the recommendations from the Government, the activity of the businesses in our industry, the Science and the current trends. As a result, we will still provide door-to-door leaflet distribution complying with social distancing measures, and we are going to keep up our project to supply printing materials.

The reason of our decision is because the World Health Organisation has confirmed that packages and newspapers are safe to read and being received in the letterboxes.

Furthermore, most of us will spend more time at home like ever. Consequently, people will need to receive trusted news, information or offers that can improve their well-being and mental health.

Our office is closed, all meetings or enquiries will be dealt over the phone or video Messenger.

During this crisis, we are open to help communities needing help.