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Blueback posters

Take your advertising to the next level with our blueback posters. As their name mention, blueback posters are blueback-sided, which implies they can be printed only on one side. The blueback prevents the poster from showing through, which makes them ideal for outdoor. The posters are made from a 115 gsm glossy material and are non-transparent on windows. Those features add quality and nice-looking to your posters.

Perfect for outdoor

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Product specifications

Pro and cons

Perfect for outdoor (non-see-through)

Printed in high-quality full colour

Heavy rain will impact the colours (See our waterproof posters)

Product specifications 

Material Blueback
Weight 115gsm
Print technique High quality digital & offset
Packaging Flat or rolled in a box


Blueback posters are often for:

  • Billboard advertising
  • Shop window advertising
  • Wall advertising


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