Looking to get more customers through promotional campaigns? In order to succeed, having good designers, marketers, video-maker, printer and suppliers are important. However, it’s not enough. Before, there are questions that need to be answered. What do you offer to your prospects? What are the incentives if they come to you? Why should they buy from you if they don’t know your Brand? Subsequently, let’s see what are the best promotions to get new customers.

1) Free trial

To clarify, it’s the most efficient way to get new customers. Nevertheless, it doesn’t suit all businesses. In other words, it will be efficient only on prospects who have never heard about your Brand or your offer. In fact, it will have a negative effect on people As well, it’s important to assess the cost of this kind of promotion. Furthermore, the right duration of the free trial will be the key for sales conversions. If the trial is too short, the prospects will go away. Contrarily, if the free trial is too long, people could get bored and make the decision that they don’t need it anymore. To clarify, it’s not because you give to your prospects a generous free trial that they will give you back signups or sales, just because you have been generous with them. For instance, it works well for fitness venues. free-trial-fitness

Additionally, I would say amid the promotions to get new customers, the free trial is the only way to get new customers in a fitness venue. However, it works pretty good for online services, too.

2) 2-for-1

To begin with, 2-for-1 is one of the best kind of promotions to get new customers. Subsequently, this method can be used at anytime. For instance, it can be used to reward loyal customers, to celebrate a historical event of the company, to reach new customers, to increase in sales, etc. Generally, this method works really well. It works because customers think they get something for free or for very good value. As a result, in most of the cases, this kind of promotion brings immediate results. Especially, if it’s a limited offer people will rush for it. Let’s see a vivid example through the following image and movie.


In conclusion, if you can afford this kind of promotions to get new customers, this one is a must try. Success almost guaranteed.

3) 50% off, 20% off, 10% off etc.

Firstly, this kind of promotion is a little similar to the previous one. For instance, 50% off promotions have the similar effects to 2-for-1 offers. Alternatively, it’s possible to set up a 20% off or less in which you propose a discount. Nevertheless, it will be more effective on existing customers. Especially, in order to encourage customers to buy more from you. It will not work if you try this kind of promotions on new prospects. It will not work because the incentives aren’t good enough. As I explained in the first paragraph, the incentives have to be significant to attract new prospects who have never heard about your Brand.

10% off

Nevertheless, this method will work very well on your loyal customers, if you want to usher them to buy more from you.

4) Free additional service

On the other hand, this kind of promotion might not be the most popular. However, in some cases, it can have a big impact of getting new customers. Especially, it would be suitable for restaurants. For instance, you can offer free delivery for order over £20. Therefore, it might worth to convey this feature to your prospects because they are more likely to be unaware of your feature. Except if you are promoting your offers regularly, but in most of the cases, small restaurants promote themselves only when they open for the first time. Furthermore, the competition is very high in this industry. So, local people have a big choice of restaurants, consequently, it’s easier for to ignore your feature because you haven’t try to inform them. Or you tried, but without consistency.

Bonus: Time Limited Offer

Let’s face it, most of us do promotional campaigns in order to get an increase in sales ASAP. Consequently, you need to set up a limited time in your offer. For this reason, if you don’t set up a time-limited offer, your prospects will either postpone or will never come to you.

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